Listen and Learn: The 42 Best Educational Podcasts in 2018 – I daresay, my good fellow – you look like you’ve got quite the conundrum on your hands if I do say so myself! You see, you’re sitting at your computer, reading this blog post and trying to learn something. And of course, that’s all […]

How to Write a Thank You Note for Any Occasion (With 3 Examples You Can Use) – From an early age, my mom instilled in me the importance of writing thank you notes. I can’t remember the exactly how old I was when I wrote my first one, but I imagine it was as soon […]

How to Succeed as a Commuter Student: 18 Proven Tips – Throughout university, commuting has been both a productive and frustrating experience for me. I studied in downtown Toronto while living with my parents in the suburbs about 15-20 miles away. Because of this, I commuted about 3 hours a day for 5 years, and […]

The Ultimate List of Student Discounts and Deals – Fall 2018 – No matter how you look at it, going to college isn’t cheap. Of course, college already costs you way less than the average student because you’ve avoided taking out student loans (or at least paid them off early). Not to mention, you’ve read […]

5 Tips for Crafting Great Speeches and Presentations – If you’re like most people, you would probably rather die than present in front of a classroom. I’m not exaggerating: in this Gallup poll from 2001, the fear of public speaking is ranked #2, ahead of the fear of death (#6). From my experience, the main […]

How to Ace Your Next Job Interview: 35 Proven Tips – In my 3rd year of university, I landed a competitive co-op position (a.k.a. paid internship) at one of the Big Four global accounting firms. And although I have decided not to pursue accounting, having this firm on my resume has opened a lot of […]

Stop Being Broke: 100+ Ways to Make Money in College – May 2018 – The “broke college student” stereotype is part of our culture. So much so, that some students use it as a badge of honor, bragging about how they manage to survive only on instant noodles. While we’re all about thriftiness and resourcefulness, […]

How to ACTUALLY Break Your Bad Habits – Two years ago, I decided to change my sleeping habits. I spent the majority of my high school and college years staying up until five in the morning. I’d then sleep in as late as I possibly could, guzzling coffee into the wee hours of the night […]

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